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Just read this interesting article from the June 2010 “CobbLine your county news source”.  This is the flyer that comes with the Cobb water bill and generally has good things in it.  Thought those of you who bypass this flyer might like this information.

Cobb County libraries are participating in a statewide “Get Outdoors Georgia” campaign now through Dec. 31.  As part of the campaign, library card holders can check out ParkPass folders for seven days.  A folder contains a parking tag for Georgia state parks and a free family pass, for up to four people, to Georgia historical sites.  the free parking tag, a $50 savings, can be used at any of Georgia’s 48 state parks.  The family pass can be used at any of the 15 historical sites in Georgia.

Checking out a Parkpass folder is just as easy as checking out a book.  A participant must have a valid library card to check out one of the 34 park pass folders available in Cobb.  Folders can be renewed twice and patrons with overdue folders are charged 10 cents daily until it is returned or fined $50 to replace lost folders.  Library patrons interested in reserving ParkPass folders can go online at cobbcounty.org/library or visitone of the 17 county public libraries for more information.

Looks like this might be a great way to save some money this summer.   

Remember, if your thinking of buying or selling a home over the next few months that interest rates are at or near record lows making homes in Cobb Powder Springs and Marietta more affordable than ever.  If you’re interested in finding out more please contact me at www.RealtorGaryPike@gmail.com or go to my website at www.metrobrokers.com/gary.pike.


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Many people out looking for real estate may not understand the importance of having a REALTOR on their side and this can be a costly mistake.  It can also be a costly mistake to assume that the seller’s REALTOR, or representative for new home construction, will act in the buyers best interest. 

When a REALTOR lists a seller’s property for sale that REALTOR works for the seller and has only minimal duties toward the buyer, basically to act in good faith, which can be subjective.  A REALTOR representing the buyer will look out for the buyers best interest, make sure time frames are followed and both sides are on track to make the transaction smooth and as stress free as possible. 

While most real estate agents can work with both buyers and sellers, only REALTORS adhere to a Code of Ethics from the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) and an Accredited  Buyer Representative (ABR) are REALTORS that have gone the extra mile in training and education to truly represent the buyer.

I am a REALTOR and an Accredited Buyer Representative that will gladly help you in the purchase of your real estate.

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I have recently read some articles written by non-Realtor’s and heard radio broadcasts in regards to the Real Estate industry insinuating that Realtor’s are only out for themselves and their pocket books.  While this may be true for some individuals, and we are in business to make money, the majority of Realtors I have worked with have their clients interest first and their pocket-book second.

The other day I was previewing homes in my area and met a nice woman and her daughter out looking at new home construction.  There was no agent on duty at this complex.  After informing her of where she could get in touch with the agent I asked if there were homes in this subdivision she would like to see since I was there to preview them myself.  She agreed to join me and as we were viewing I asked if she was working with an agent and if she knew of the tax credit for new and existing homebuyers.

She replied that she was not working with an agent and she had heard about but did not think the home buying incentives applied to her.  I explained to her that her family would probably qualify for the tax credit and if she would like I could send her information on it.  She smiled, thanked me for the information and said she was okay at this time.  

After previewing these homes I asked if she would like to accompany me to some other homes that fit her criteria that I was also previewing that day.  She agreed but said she was short on time.  At the next subdivision she pulled out a stack of papers of homes she had printed off the internet and asked about another new home construction site and how she had spent the day looking for it.  

Seeing a look of frustration, I handed her my business card and informed her that I would gladly set her up, with no obligation on her part, a property search tailored to her needs and that this could help her save time and frustration.  Again she smiled, said thank you, but she was okay for now.  

I hope I hear from her, not just to get a client but to help someone who seems to be wasting a lot of time accomplishing little.  My concern about this encounter is not that she didn’t like me or my company, but that she has such a low opinion of Realtor’s she doesn’t see the value we can bring. 

I hope the public understands that those trashing the real estate industry have for the most part never been Realtor’s and their livelihood is dependant on getting people to tune in to their message (?) and not always to be accurate in what they claim as facts.

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